Nu Class


#82 Donna ‘Aphrodite’ Chen

rosterStatus: Alumna
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hometown: Hazelton, PA
Graduating Class: 2013
Major: Biological Basis of Behavior
Minor: Psychology
Class: Upsilon Nu (Fall 2010)
Big: Talisa ‘Oliv’ De Carlo (Upsilon Kappa)
Little: Thu ‘Hebe’ Nguyen (Upsilon Omicron)
Past position: Social Chair (Spring 2011)
Philanthropy Chair (Fall 2011)
Current position: VP Internal (Fall 2012)
Current position: APSC Representative (Spring 2012)
Social Chair (Spring 2011)

Activities: Pan-Asian Dance Troupe, Dancer
PHINS, Member
Residents Advisory Board, Member
Rodin House Council
Chinese Students’ Association, Member
Pre-Dental Society, Member

#83 Sally ‘Aerianna’ Ye

rosterStatus: Alumna
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Graduating Class: 2013
Major: Biology
Minor: French
Class: Upsilon Nu (Fall 2010)
Big: Tiffany ‘Azelynn’ Zhou (Upsilon Iota)
Little: Connie ‘Alinea’ Lu (Upsilon Pi)
Past position: Herstorian (Spring 2011)
Pledge Educator’s Assistant (Fall 2011)

Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge Educator
Chinese Students’ Association, Community Service Committee
China Care, Mentor

#84 Catherine ‘tSunami’ Hu

Ethnicity: Chinese
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
Graduating Class: 2013
Major: Computer Science
Class: Upsilon Nu (Fall 2010)
Big: Brittni ‘Storm’ Luke (Upsilon Lambda)
Big: Peixin ‘siriüs’ Mo (Upsilon Pi)

Activities: Dining Philosophers, Executive Board % Events Chair
Kite & Key Society, Member
Communitech, Member
Women in Computer Science, Member
Weiss Tech House Marketing Committee, Member
FSAE Racing Business, Web Team
The WALK Magazine

#85 Florence ‘Radielle’ Sit

rosterStatus: Alumna
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hometown: Canada/Hong Kong/Beijing, China
Graduating Class: 2013
Majors: Philosophy, Politics & Economics and Psychology
Minor: Consumer Psychology
Class: Upsilon Nu (Fall 2010)
Big: Geraldine ‘Areli’ Uy (Upsilon Mu)
Little: Minhee ‘Zephira’ Lee (Upsilon Pi) 
Past positions: Rush Chair (Spring 2012)
Vice President – External (Fall 2011)
Vice President – Programming (Spring 2011)
Pledge Educator’s Assistant (Fall 2012)

Activities: Asian Pacific American Heritage Week, Executive Tri-Chair
ITASA National Directors and Governors,Conference Liaison
2012 ITASA Bid Team, Executive Director
Asian Pacific Student Coalition, Vice Chair of Constituent Affairs
Penn Taiwanese Society, Social Chair
Team Lunar New Year, Treasurer and Fundraising
Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative, Fall 2011 Class
Arch Renovations Committee, Member
Penn Asian Review, Board Member

#86 Guanyuan ‘Ardea’ Chung

rosterStatus: Alumna
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Graduating Class: 2013
Major: Economics
Minors: International Relations and Classical Studies
Class: Upsilon Nu (Fall 2010)
Big: Tiffany ‘Azelynn’ Zhou (Upsilon Iota)
Little:Sanlie ‘Ambrixela’ Auyeung (Upsilon Pi)
Past positions: Herstorian (Spring 2011)
APSC Representative (Spring 2011)
Rush Chair (Fall 2012)

Activities: Team HBV, Member
APAHW, Special Events Chair
Chinese Students’ Association, Member
SPEC Connaissance , Member