National Philanthropy

The National Philanthropy of Sigma Psi Zeta is to combat violence against women. This includes, but is not by any means limited, to the following forms of mental, emotional, and physical violence: rape, incest, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, exploitation, trafficking of women and children, child abuse, and harassment. Violence affects the lives of millions of women worldwide, in all socioeconomic and educational classes. It cuts across cultural and religious barriers, impeding the right of women to participate fully in society.

As the first Asian Interest sorority to take on this cause, Sigma Psi Zeta hopes to bring awareness of this issue to our universities and communities. For over twelve years, Sigma sisters have built a campaign to help those affected by this tragic violence, to educate the community about the nature of this problem, and to empower our sisters to make a lasting commitment to the issue of violence against women.

To accomplish our philanthropic goals, sisters:

  • Volunteer at domestic violence shelters
  • Sponsor or attend conferences and meetings that empower women’s rights
  • Lend support to women who need and seek help for them
  • Attend and host self-defense workshops and classes
  • Collaborate artistically and educationally with other women of color
  • Donate proceeds of activities to organizations that support this same cause

Beyond our National Philanthropy, our sisters participate in numerous other charity events, including:

  • Relay for Life – took part in the annual event in support of the American Cancer Society
  • “UPenn Voices for Japan” CD – created and sold CDs featuring Penn’s premier acapella groups in support of relief for the 2011 earthquake in Japan
  • Philadelphia AIDS Walk – participated in the annual walk in support of Philadelphia organizations providing AIDS and HIV-related services, education, and prevention
  • Marrow Donor Registration Drive – to raise increase of bone marrow registration and donation on campus

Lutheran Settlement House

Lutheran Settlement house is the Upsilon Charter’s adopted shelter. Together, we work in close collaboration to further our shared goal of combating the violence against women.

Lutheran Settlement House is one of four domestic violence organizations in Philadelphia that call themselves the DV4. Lutheran offers counseling, advocacy (both medical and judicial), and educational support for abused women and their families. They were also the first organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide services in Spanish for victims of domestic violence. Lutheran also holds many social events not only to raise awareness, but also to foster a bond between the women they serve, the community, and those who work to help them.

In addition, Lutheran Settlement house offers a number of non-domestic violence-related services such as senior center, English classes, and literacy classes.

Past events held in support of Lutheran Settlement House include:

  • Visions of Chocolate – a night of chocolate dessert buffet and performances hosted annually to fundraise for the cause and to raise awareness of domestic violence.
  • Kids Skate: Sigma and friends helped raise money for our cause while having fun skating.
  • Kids Speak Out Art Gallery – children from around the Philadelphia area were able to showcase how they felt about domestic violence through artwork and presentations.
  • Purple Ribbon Project – sisters manned the walk during Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and raised hundreds of dollars to help support the fight against abuse.
  • Take Back the Night – participated in annual rally that takes a stand against sexual and dating violence
  • Self Defense Workshop – to educate women to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, how not to become a victim, and how to fight off an assailant.
  • Movie Screenings – free screenings of movies related to women’s issues in order to raise awareness of domestic violence